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Telecommunications Cabling

Section dedicated to all the wiring used in ICT2 community installations or small installations in single-family homes. Here you will find both coaxial cables for TV and CCTV distribution, network cables, fiber optics, telephone cables, audio/video cables and accessories to hold them.

Types of Coaxial Cable:

  • RG6 coaxial: the most common cable, with a diameter of about 6-7mm. It is used for community or individual TV distributions. There are them for both indoor and outdoor tours.
  • RG59 coaxial: a cable with a smaller diameter, about 5mm, and greater flexibility than RG6. It is mostly used for BNC connector digital CCTV camera installations. Also for TV distribution in very congested areas and we also see it in the patch cords to connect from the socket to the TV.
  • RG11 coaxial: a cable >10mm in diameter, designed for transmission of TV or data over very long distances. Its thicker conductor offers less losses; on the contrary, they are difficult to handle.

Network Cable Categories and Shields:

  • Categories:

Cat. 5

Cat. 5e

Cat. 6

Cat. 6a

Cat. 7

100 Mbps maximum speed with 100 MHz bandwidth

evolution of the previous one that reaches up to 1000 Mbps

up to a maximum of 1 Gbps with a bandwidth of 250 MHz

evolution of the previous one that reaches up to 5 Gbps with a bandwidth of 500 MHz

10 Gbps maximum speed with 600 MHz bandwidth

  • Shield






globally shielded for all pairs

with individual shielding for each pair

with global and individual shielding

CRP Regulation:

A new regulation was recently introduced that affects all telecommunications cabling. This regulation takes into account the type of reaction to fire exhibited by each cable, thus defining different Euroclasses based on the risk of fire.

This standard requires in collective ICT2 installations that all cables used indoors be Euroclass Dca or higher.


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