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Security & Comfort

We offer a wide range of security and protection solutions for homes and businesses.

In this category you can find surveillance cameras for closed circuit television (CCTV) and all the necessary elements for their installation, guaranteeing the security and protection of spaces. You will also find smart products for home automations, which allow you to upgrade houses to smarthomes with no reform or construction. Last but not least, you will find a wide range of alarm systems for protection against intrusions and accident prevention.

CCTV video surveillance cameras

In this category you will find everything related to video surveillance cameras for closed circuit television (CCTV) with very good image quality, and also all the elements needed for their installation. We have 4-in-1 hybrid cameras, IP or WiFi cameras with internet connection and a brief section of hidden cameras. Analog cameras are already disappearing from the market. We include them within hybrid cameras since they come with both analog and digital technology in a single camera and the operating mode is selected at the time of installation.

CCTV signs announcing that the area is being recorded is also a good purchase option.

CCTV recorders

We have everything from analog recorders all the way to digital recorders with IP technology. Lately, the market has been pointing to hybrid technologies: HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD, analog and IP. To all this we must add a hard disk drive for recording. These HDD are exclusive for cctv systems. They are sold separately from the recorders so that each one can decide the size of harddisk they want to install. The greater the capacity, the longer the recordings will last without being deleted.

CCTV Accessories

Find all the accessories for CCTV such as connectors or power supplies for systems that don't have POE power. In case of installations with UTP cable, we will need to use a balun for the connection, which you will also find in this category.

Home automation

Fibaro is our number 1 brand in home automation. 

The main advantage of a home automation system is the integration of technology in homes and businesses to have complete, centralized, remote or in-person management of every space. It allows you to automate tasks related to safety, protection and comfort through a smart system that also promotes energy savings. By joining each peripheral to the centers, you can control the Lighting, Doors, Windows, Blinds, Security and Protection and Smart Plugs, among others. We also have Buttons, Keyboards, Controls.

Alarms and Intrusion

We highlight the quality and ease of use of Ajax alarm and intrusion protection systems. Discover why professionals choose Ajax in the following link

With Ajax wireless security systems, you can prevent flood or fire accidents in addition to protecting your home or business from possible intruders with door and window opening/break detectors. They offer very complete security that is easy to expand thanks to the Ajax Systems App, which allows connections to be made in a matter of minutes. Choose your HUB and assemble your custom kit or select one of our Ajax alarm kits designed by our technicians. 


We have a variety of alkaline batteries that can be essential for products such as buttons, receivers, remote controls and even some home automation or security devices.

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