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Everything you need for the installation of Satellite Television

In our online store we are specialized in satellite television. The world of satellite is little known among consumer users of DTT terrestrial television, but it is a very interesting and accessible world to all. With a satellite dish pointing to the sky and a satellite receiver, you already have the basics to start watching both national and international channels.

Parabolic Antennas, Multisatellite Systems, Amplifiers, LNBs and Transmodulators

If you decide to take the step and install satellite television there are some elements that cannot be missing in the shopping cart. You can buy and check the price of everything you need in our online store.

The basic element of any satellite installation is the satellite dish. Satellite dishes are made up of three parts that are sold separately:

  • The satellite dish antenna itself
  • The LNB or converter that is the part that receives the signal and where we connect the coaxial cable.
  • And the wall support or the floor support depending on how we are going to mount the satellite dish on the wall or on the floor.

Kit satélite

You will need a satellite tuner that is connected to a television to display the channels tuned by satellite. High definition satellite decoders are currently being bought, because the price of HD satellite receivers is cheap and they allow you to see all HD channels.

Finally you need to buy coaxial cable that is the link between the antenna and the receiver, and a pair of F-type connectors to make the connection on the receiver and the connection on the LNB converter.

For professionals there are measurement equipment called field meter with which they can easily install a satellite dish.

There are more modest equipment that helps to orient the parabolic antenna for its correct installation in a domestic environment. They are the so-called satellite locators, or satfinder.

How to receive signal from multiple satellites?

Receiving several satellites at the same time implies a more complex satellite installation. To do this, a second LNB can be installed on the same dish using a multi-focus bracket and a DiSEqC switch.

Sistema multisatélite

Another option is the mounting of a parabolic motor that allows it to be moved to the different satellites.

If we curl the curl, communal satellite dishes can be made in which multiswitches are used that allow the service of several satellite dishes to an "unlimited" number of users.

In these larger installations, satellite amplifiers must be used so that the signal is correctly distributed to all users.

Satellite transmodulators are used for customized satellite installations, such as hotels, bars, clubs, etc., that meet the demands of the current market and its customers. The transmodulators allow the choice of the channels that we want to send to the televisions, so that the televisions view them without the need for a satellite tuner, only using the television's integrated DTT receiver, which represents a great saving in equipment and provides greater ease of use. use by the customer, allowing the use of a single remote control.

In short, at TDTprofesional we have the solution for all types of facilities, both individuals, neighborhood communities and large hotel facilities, luxury residential, etc.

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  1. Protective visor for LNBs

    €1.75 Tax included
  2. DISEQc 2.0 switch for 4 satellites
    SKU: OPTDIS4x1

    €2.26 Tax included
  3. DiSEqC 2.0 Outdoor Switch for 2 Satellites Tecatel

    €3.19 Tax included
  4. DiSEqC 2.0 Outdoor Switch for 4 Satellites

    €3.29 Tax included
  5. Economic Universal Single LNB Converter

    €3.48 Tax included
  6. Satellite Line Amplifier 20dB (47-2400 MHz) with DC Tecatel

    €3.81 Tax included
  7. DiSEqC 2.0 Exterior Switch for 4 Satellites

    €3.87 Tax included
  8. Single LNB Converter 0,3dB orange Televes 7475
    SKU: TEL7475

    €3.99 Tax included
  9. LNB Single Universal 0.3dB Televes
    SKU: TEL747530

    €3.99 Tax included
  10. DiSEqC 2.0 Exterior Switch for 4 Satellites Tecatel

    €4.16 Tax included
  11. Kit of LNB 7475 of Televes and 2 connectors F
    SKU: TDT0063

    €4.39 Tax included
  12. Compass for Satellite Dishes Orientation

    €4.68 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 276

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