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Multi-satellite systems

In this section we find the different equipment necessary for the reception of various satellites. This category is divided into 5 subcategories: satellite dish motors, multifocal LNB brackets, DiSEqC switches, stand alone multiswitches and cascadable multiswitches.

For reception of several satellites with the same satellite dish antenna we can use a satellite dish motor. This saves the positions of the different satellites and moves the disk to orient it to the satellite that we want to receive at all times. Another option is to mount a multifocus LNB bracket, which allows you to place two or more LNBs for satellites whose orbit is 3º, 6º or 9º apart. To see for example Astra 19ºE and Astra 23ºE, or Astra 19ºE and Hotbird 13ºE. For this we can also use 4.3º and 6º monoblock LNBs.

If we decide to mount several satellite dishes for a single-family home then we will use DiSEqC switches with as many inputs as there are satellites we receive. This equipment allows you to select from the receiver the LNB to which we want to send voltage to view the channels. The advantage is that we receive all the satellites through the same cable.

Finally, for collective distributions of several satellites and/or polarities, multiswitches are used, which can be autonomous or cascade depending on the number of dwellings in the community. In TDTprofesional we have stand alone multiswitches of up to 8 polarities (2 satellites) for up to 24 homes. For more than 24 dwellings, cascadable multiswitches would have to be used.

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  1. DISEQc 2.0 switch for 4 satellites
    SKU: OPTDIS4x1

    €2.26 Tax included
  2. DiSEqC 2.0 Outdoor Switch for 4 Satellites

    €3.29 Tax included
  3. DiSEqC 2.0 Exterior Switch for 4 Satellites Tecatel

    €3.91 Tax included
  4. Multifocus support for 2 LNB for antennas from 65 to 120cm

    €4.94 Tax included
  5. Multifocal stand for 3 LNB, 80 to 120 cm antennas

    €7.49 Tax included
  6. 4x1 Outdoor DiSEqC Switch
    SKU: ANTAD104102

    €8.57 Tax included
  7. LNB Bracket of QSD Satellite Dish Televes
    SKU: TEL790902

    €14.48 Tax included
  8. DiSEqC for 2 TWIN LNBs with 4 Inputs and 2 Outputs
    SKU: FTEUMS225

    €17.29 Tax included
  9. TD Flexiblock support for 4 LNB
    SKU: TRI300827

    €23.14 Tax included
  10. 6P 65W Switch: 4 POE Ports and 2 Uplink Ports 10/100 250m
    SKU: A-SWITCH-0604POE-65

    €26.26 Tax included
  11. Power Supply 12V 0.8A by Televes
    SKU: TEL732101

    €32.90 Tax included
  12. Satellite DiSEqC Switch 2 Inputs / 1 Output.
    SKU: TEL7268

    €33.12 Tax included
  13. 10P 100W Switch: 8 POE Ports and 2 Uplink Ports 10/100 250m
    SKU: A-SWITCH-1008POE-100

    €38.12 Tax included
  14. Splitter Nevoswitch 5x5x5 "F" 25dB
    SKU: TEL714904

    €40.75 Tax included
  15. Nevoswitch 5 x 5 x 5 with F connector and 8dB bypass
    SKU: TEL714906

    €56.62 Tax included
  16. NevoSwitch Tap 5 inputs (TDT + VL/HL/VH/HH) 15dB
    SKU: TEL714902

    €56.62 Tax included
  17. Splitters Nevoswitch 5x5x5 "F" 12dB
    SKU: TEL714901

    €56.62 Tax included
  18. Splitters Nevoswitch 5x5x5 "F" 20dB
    SKU: TEL714903

    €56.62 Tax included
  19. Power Supply for MultiSwitch and Optical LNB
    SKU: TEL732802

    €64.17 Tax included
  20. Autonomous FI Multiswitch 5 Inputs x 4 Outputs Ikusi
    SKU: IKU3652

    €81.83 Tax included
  21. Autonomous multiswitch 5Ex6S sat/terr

    €82.79 Tax included
  22. Autonomous multiswitch 5Ex8S sat/terr 318602

    €94.38 Tax included
  23. Multiswitch FI 17 Inputs x 16 Outputs Alcad MB-404
    SKU: ALCMB404

    €97.31 Tax included
  24. Nevoswitch 5 inputs x 5 outputs x 4 for floors "F" Terminal/Cascade
    SKU: TEL714501

    €117.55 Tax included
  25. Nevoswitch Multimat Multiswitch SAT Amplification 6 floorsx5x5 Inputs
    SKU: TEL714502

    €132.80 Tax included
  26. Autonomous multiswitch 9Ex8S sat/terr 318702

    €134.31 Tax included
  27. Autonomous multiswitch 5Ex12S sat/terr

    €134.96 Tax included
  28. Managed Switch L2 8P Giga with 2P Combo Rack SG3210 from TpLink
    SKU: TL-SG3210

    €139.46 Tax included
  29. Nevoswitch Multimat Multiswitch "F" 5x5x8 floors.
    SKU: TEL714503

    €145.84 Tax included
  30. Multiswitch FI 9 entry x 16 outputs
    SKU: TECMSW-T916

    €148.00 Tax included
  31. Autonomous multiswitch 5Ex16S sat/terr 318604

    €152.39 Tax included
  32. Nevoswitch 5x5 MATV / FI amplifier with gain of 27 / 25dB
    SKU: TEL714509

    €163.27 Tax included
  33. Radial Active IF Multiswitch 5 Inputs x 8 Outputs Terra
    SKU: TERMR508

    €166.17 Tax included
  34. Nevoswitch 9 inputs x 9 outputs x 8 for floors "F"
    SKU: TEL714601

    €174.14 Tax included
  35. PoE Switch 16 Ports + 2 SFP Uplink 250W
    SKU: SW1816POE-GF-250-E

    €184.04 Tax included
  36. Radial Active IF Multiswitch 5 Inputs x 12 Outputs Terra
    SKU: TERMR512

    €192.95 Tax included

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Multi-satellite Systems