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Satellite Amplification

This section is dedicated to the amplification of the signal received from the satellite, as it will provide the output signal level necessary for distribution. Depending on your location we can find in the system headers, mast amplifiers, line amplifiers FI, FI internal amplifiers and power.

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  1. RF Amplifier - FI - Satellite 20dB 47-2400 Mhz

    €3.81 Tax included
  2. Amplifier FI - Satellite 24 dB
    SKU: FTEBNV2000

    €6.91 Tax included
  3. Mast amplifier 3 inputs BIII / UHF / FI
    SKU: TRIMFC108

    €18.43 Tax included
  4. 3-input 30dB mast amplifier with FI mix
    SKU: FAG36645

    €21.70 Tax included
  5. 3e/1s Mast Amplifier (UHF-VHFmix-FImix) with 5G LTE filter
    SKU: TEL561621

    €22.53 Tax included
  6. 35dB mast amplifier with Ikusi FI 1307 mix
    SKU: IKU1307

    €23.49 Tax included
  7. Mast Amplifier 2 inputs (UHF-SATmix) LTE 5G
    SKU: IKU1308

    €23.60 Tax included
  8. Mast Amplifier 2 Inputs UHF/VHFmix-FImix and 4 Outputs LTE
    SKU: TEL5354

    €23.75 Tax included
  9. Mast Amplifier 28dB UHF-UHF-FImix LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL561421

    €27.48 Tax included
  10. FI Line Amplifier - Satellite 20dB Televes
    SKU: TEL7485

    €27.65 Tax included
  11. UHF-SAT Indoor Amplifier 1in/1out LTE 5G Ikusi
    SKU: IKU3590

    €29.33 Tax included
  12. Televes BIII/UHF-FMmix-FImix LTE 4G Mast Amplifier
    SKU: TEL561501

    €30.12 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 52

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Satellite Amplification