Satellite Amplification

Satellite Signal Amplification

This section is dedicated to the amplification of the signal that we receive from our satellite antenna (950-2400 MHz), since it will provide the necessary output signal level for its subsequent distribution. Depending on their location, we can find them in head end systems, mast amplifiers, IF line amplifiers, home interior amplifiers, broadband and programmable IF amplifiers.

SAT Amplifiers for Single Family Homes:

The usual thing in an installation where we have a satellite dish connected directly to a satellite receiver and that due to its long route we have little signal is to insert a simple line amplifier in the cable route, which only amplifies the satellite signal and feeds on its own satellite receiver.

Mast amplifiers can also be used for single-family homes, which amplify the terrestrial signal and also mix it with the satellite to have both on the same cable.

Indoor home amplifiers work the same way as mast amplifiers, just mix satellite. They differ in that the interiors integrate the power supply and must be installed in the home's junction boxes, protected from the elements.

SAT Amplifiers for Collective Installation:

In the first place we find the broadband amplifiers with satellite, which have inputs for terrestrial and satellite. It also amplifies satellite, offering high output levels to distribute to a maximum of 30 outlets. While amplifying, it mixes with terrestrial to distribute both through the same cable. It is the most economical option for small neighborhood communities.

The programmable amplifiers offer many adjustment possibilities to achieve a flat response in the entire frequency band (terrestrial and satellite), guaranteeing correct reception of all channels. Likewise, by regulation, it is only valid for small groups, with a maximum of 30 outlets.

Monochannels are used for medium and large collective installations. Unlike terrestrial monochannels, where one amplifier is required per channel, for satellite signal only one single channel is used.

In distributions where, due to long distances, the amplified signal from the headend is not enough to reach all users, a multiband line amplifier must be added. They are equipment that is installed in the backbone of the facility to reamplify the TV and Satellite signal to the most distant users. These line amplifiers normally have 2 inputs and 2 outputs, since by ICT regulations there must be two cable downspouts, corresponding to TV+SAT1 and TV+SAT2. It is also possible to use 2 line amplifiers with 1 input and 1 output each.


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  1. Satellite Line Amplifier 20dB (47-2400 MHz) with DC Tecatel
    In stock
    €4.28 Tax included
  2. Satellite IF Line Amplifier 24dB
    SKU: FTEBNV2000
    In stock
    €6.95 Tax included
  3. Mast Amplifier 1in/1out UHF 30dB LTE 5G
    In stock
    €15.14 Tax included
  4. 3-input 30dB mast amplifier with FI mix
    SKU: FAG36645
    In stock
    €21.30 Tax included
  5. Mast Amplifier 3 Inputs UHF/BIII/SAT LTE 5G Triax
    SKU: TRIMFC109
    In stock
    €22.14 Tax included
  6. Mast Amplifier 2 inputs (UHF-SATmix) LTE 5G
    SKU: IKU1308
    In stock
    €23.96 Tax included
  7. 3e/1s Mast Amplifier (UHF-VHFmix-FImix) with 5G LTE filter
    SKU: TEL561621
    In stock
    €25.31 Tax included
  8. Mast Amplifier 2 Inputs UHF/VHFmix-FImix and 4 Outputs LTE
    SKU: TEL5354
    In stock
    €26.69 Tax included
  9. UHF Line Amplifier 13dB "F" LTE 5G Televes
    SKU: TEL400620
    In stock
    €28.01 Tax included
  10. Mast Amplifier 28dB UHF-UHF-FImix LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL561421
    In stock
    €30.87 Tax included
  11. Power supply 220 mA, 12 Vc, 1 output,
    SKU: TEL5796
    In stock
    €33.20 Tax included
  12. BIII/UHF-FMmix-FImix LTE 5G Mast Amplifier
    SKU: TEL561521
    In stock
    €34.17 Tax included
  13. Housing Internal Amplifier 3 outputs
    SKU: TEL553001
    In stock
    €34.51 Tax included
  14. FI Line Amplifier - Satellite 20dB Televes
    SKU: TEL7485
    On request
    €35.20 Tax included
  15. Amplificador de vivienda 1E/1S retorno pasivo 34dB 5...862MHz "F"
    SKU: TEL553501
    In stock
    €35.47 Tax included
  16. UHF-SAT Indoor Amplifier 1in/1out LTE 5G Ikusi
    SKU: IKU3590
    In stock
    €35.79 Tax included
  17. 26dB mast amplifier with IF mix prepared for 5G
    SKU: TEL561620
    In stock
    €37.81 Tax included
  18. Indoor Amplifier UHF-SAT 2 Outputs LTE 5G Ikusi
    SKU: IKU3593
    In stock
    €38.41 Tax included
  19. Housing Amplifier UHF/VHF/SAT 2 Outputs LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL560601
    In stock
    €43.22 Tax included
  20. Central Amplifier FI 35dB LTE 5G Tecatel OUTLET
    In stock
    €48.61 Tax included
  21. Central Amplifier FI 35dB LTE 5G Tecatel
    In stock
    €51.85 Tax included
  22. Central FI amplifier D + 532401 Televes
    SKU: TEL532401
    In stock
    €59.21 Tax included
  23. 34dB gain satellite housing amplifier with DTT mix
    SKU: IKU3461
    In stock
    €62.98 Tax included
  24. Indoor Amplifier RF + FI, 18.25dB 1 Terra Output
    SKU: TEHSA001
    In stock
    €78.47 Tax included
  25. Fagor 48dB 950-2150MHz FI Modular Amplifier
    SKU: FAGIFA400
    On request
    €84.19 Tax included
  26. SAT Line Amplifier 40dB TERmix Engel AM5191
    SKU: ENGAM5191
    In stock
    €84.97 Tax included
  27. Central Multiband 45dB 2xUHF-FM-DAB-SAT LTE 5G
    In stock
    €92.98 Tax included
  28. Satellite Central Amplifier 40dB Tecatel 13/18V
    In stock
    €96.86 Tax included
  29. FI amplifier with self-feeding and mixing with UHF signal
    SKU: FAG35911
    On request
    €97.54 Tax included
  30. Amplifier / Coupler FI - SAT. SZB series.
    SKU: IKU1346
    In stock
    €106.87 Tax included
  31. SAT 48dB Minikom Central Amplifier with UHF/VHF Mix
    SKU: TEL5363
    In stock
    €110.52 Tax included
  32. Broadband amplifier 1FI + MATV model RS-600 Plus
    SKU: ROV85075
    In stock
    €117.79 Tax included
  33. Moon Waf 311 1 Input/1 Single Output RTV/FI Amplifier
    SKU: FAG35152
    In stock
    €118.71 Tax included
  34. Multiband DTT and Satellite Amplifier with LTE 4G/5G
    SKU: JOH7785
    On request
    €122.96 Tax included

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