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Cascade Multiswitch for community facilities

The Cascade Multiswitch are using for community facilites, or buildings with two or more floors, to can distribuiter the signal with the less cables numbers. The principal building will have always five cables, so four are for each satellite and another ( the fiveth number ) for DTT signal, always that this installation is for one satellite. In each floor we will have a cascade multiswitch with the number or Outputs it must make the same of the users. If we have a very big installation it is necessary to reamplificate this signal and installate also a power supply, that it is on separate. If you have a doub, you can contact with us, and that you said us the needs and so we can make a budget measure.

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  1. Splitter Nevoswitch 5x5x5 "F" 25dB
    SKU: TEL714904

    €40.75 Tax included
  2. NevoSwitch Tap 5 inputs (TDT + VL/HL/VH/HH) 15dB
    SKU: TEL714902

    €41.58 Tax included
  3. Nevoswitch 5 x 5 x 5 with F connector and 8dB bypass
    SKU: TEL714906

    €41.58 Tax included
  4. Splitter Nevoswitch 5x5x5 4/4dB
    SKU: TEL714905

    €41.58 Tax included
  5. Splitters Nevoswitch 5x5x5 "F" 12dB
    SKU: TEL714901

    €41.58 Tax included
  6. Splitters Nevoswitch 5x5x5 "F" 20dB
    SKU: TEL714903

    €41.58 Tax included
  7. Power Supply Units Nevoswitch 12V 3A
    SKU: TEL732801

    €43.11 Tax included
  8. Power Supply for MultiSwitch and Optical LNB
    SKU: TEL732802

    €54.38 Tax included
  9. Nevoswitch 5 inputs x 5 outputs x 4 for floors "F" Terminal/Cascade
    SKU: TEL714501

    €86.35 Tax included
  10. Nevoswitch Multimat Multiswitch SAT Amplification 6 floorsx5x5 Inputs
    SKU: TEL714502

    €97.54 Tax included
  11. Nevoswitch Multimat Multiswitch "F" 5x5x8 floors.
    SKU: TEL714503

    €107.12 Tax included
  12. Nevoswitch 5x5 MATV / FI amplifier with gain of 27 / 25dB
    SKU: TEL714509

    €119.92 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 34

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Cascade Multiswitch