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The antenna, it is the first element in an installation. This is the element wich capture the signals. This take the signal and transformer into electrical energy. This process is so important to watch the television. In this section you can find the different DTT and Radio antennas, for inside or outside of the house. You can find here both, Terrestrial and Digital antennas, also for Radio.

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  1. 3dB Passive Omnidirectional DTT Antenna (C21-69) Megasat

    €5.99 Tax included
  2. Active Omnidirectional DTT Antenna 18dB (C21-69) Megasat

    €8.53 Tax included
  3. Circular FM 1dB Engel Antenna
    SKU: ENGAN6005

    €13.55 Tax included
  4. Amplified Indoor DTT Antenna 42dB LTE 5G Axil
    SKU: ENGAN0256G5

    €13.95 Tax included
  5. DVB-T indoor antenna model Strong ANT30, LTE filter incorporated

    €14.52 Tax included
  6. DAB antenna of 3 elements G4 dB

    €16.17 Tax included
  7. Tecatel Circular FM Omnidirectional Antenna

    €17.97 Tax included
  8. Axil 48dB LTE 5G Indoor DTT-UHF Antenna
    SKU: ENGAN0268G5

    €18.73 Tax included
  9. DTT dish UHF mini HD

    €20.91 Tax included
  10. Antenna TDT-UHF Nano HDTN-694V LTE 5G Ikusi
    SKU: IKU1825

    €21.63 Tax included
  11. Mini Aura 12dB LTE 5G DTT Antenna (C21-48) Fagor
    SKU: FAG84402

    €22.80 Tax included
  12. Mast amplifier kit AMP-LTE404L and FA-MAX24120 for UHF
    SKU: TDT0053

    €24.14 Tax included
  13. VHF-UHF Antenna 18dB AX1000+LTE Combo Proline LTE 4G
    SKU: OTPAX1000+LTE

    €24.76 Tax included
  14. Mast amplifier kit UHF 25dB LTE 5G + Power supply
    SKU: JOH7322KTLTE2

    €24.83 Tax included
  15. Antenna TDT-UHF L 700 LTE 5G Televes (Bag)
    SKU: TEL112120

    €25.24 Tax included
  16. UHF-TDT Antenna 14dB MAX-42 LTE 5G Engel
    SKU: ENGAN6000G5

    €25.56 Tax included
  17. TDT-UHF Antenna Logarithmic 13.5 dB
    SKU: FTELOG2845F

    €26.15 Tax included
  18. Antenna UHF-TDT 15dB MAX-44 LTE 5G Engel
    SKU: ENGAN6001G5

    €26.26 Tax included
  19. DTT-UHF Outdoor Electronic Antenna LTE 5G Axil
    SKU: ENGAN0264G5

    €26.39 Tax included
  20. DTT-UHF antenna BKM 15dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TECBKM15700

    €26.86 Tax included
  21. Antenna DTT-UHF LTE 5G (C21-48) 15dB SRT-700
    SKU: ROVSRT-700

    €27.29 Tax included
  22. Antenna TDT-UHF 15dB RDT-700 LTE 5G
    SKU: RDT-700

    €27.29 Tax included
  23. Mast amplifier kit UHF 35dB LTE 5G + Power Supply
    SKU: JOH7329KTLTE2

    €27.35 Tax included
  24. Kit Amp. Mast 1in UHF/VHF 30dB 5G + Power Supply 24Vdc
    SKU: ENGAM6105K5

    €27.95 Tax included
  25. 1dB Televes Circular FM Antenna
    SKU: TEL1201

    €28.53 Tax included
  26. Mast Amp. Kit UHF-UHF-VHF 40/25dB LTE + 24Vdc Power Supply
    SKU: ENGAM6213KL

    €29.81 Tax included
  27. DTT-UHF Antenna BKM 18dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TECBKM18B700

    €29.81 Tax included
  28. DTT-UHF Antenna Aries 18dB (C21-48) LTE 5G

    €30.55 Tax included
  29. DTT-UHF 17dB Foldable Antenna LTE 5G Axil
    SKU: ENGAN0546G5

    €30.87 Tax included
  30. UHF-TDT Antenna 17dB MAX-52 LTE 5G Engel
    SKU: ENGAN6002G5

    €32.09 Tax included
  31. Antenna TDT-UHF V Zenit Televes LTE 5G (10 units)
    SKU: TEL149222

    €33.47 Tax included
  32. New

    TDT LTE2 Antenna with 18 dB Gain Mandarine Fold from Tecatel

    €35.02 Tax included
  33. Teleco Mobile antenna 1/4 wave FM inox 115cm
    SKU: TEL6620

    €36.12 Tax included
  34. Antenna TDT-UHF V Zenit Televes LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL149221

    €36.82 Tax included
  35. DTT Antenna LTE 4G (C21-60) 15dB 27 Elements Fuba DAT912

    €39.33 Tax included
  36. Logarithmic antenna of 28 elements UHF Gain 12 dB

    €23.85 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 68

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