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Network electronics

In this section we find different forms of connecting to internet, wireless or by cable. Thanks to this system we can connecting by our pc, tablet or telephone. The products that we offers here are: Access Points, Repeaters WIFI, Routers, Antennas WIFI, switches and PLCs.

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  1. Nano USB WiFi 150Mbps Adapter Mercusys
    SKU: MER-MW150US

    €5.70 Tax included
  2. USB WiFi Antenna for QVIART OG, VIARK and APEBOX Receivers

    €5.81 Tax included
  3. Mini WiFi USB 300Mbps Adapter Mercusys
    SKU: MER-MW300UM

    €8.12 Tax included
  4. W5 antenna for Opticum Sloth Classic receiver

    €8.36 Tax included
  5. Desktop Switch 5-port 10/100 TPLINK
    SKU: TL-SF1005D

    €8.62 Tax included
  6. POE Ubiquiti injector of 12W and 0.8A POE-15-12W
    SKU: UBIPOE1512W

    €8.85 Tax included
  7. POE Injector Ubiquiti 24V 12W 0.5A
    SKU: UBIPOE24V0.5A

    €9.24 Tax included
  8. Desktop Switch 8 ports 10/100Mbps Mercusys
    SKU: MER-MS108

    €9.35 Tax included
  9. Mini Wifi Antenna for Satellite Receivers

    €10.41 Tax included
  10. Desktop Switch with 8 Port 10/100 TPLINK
    SKU: TL-SF1008D

    €11.06 Tax included
  11. Wifi antenna for receivers
    SKU: WIFI5370

    €11.98 Tax included
  12. Wifi Antenna for Qviart Mini
    SKU: WIFI7601

    €11.98 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 189

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Network and WiFi Equipment