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RCA / SCART Analog Modulators

In TDTprofesional you can still find analog modulators that allow you to transmit to all the televisions in your house an extra channel generated by the modulator, which corresponds to a video/audio device that we have at home, such as: DVD, VHS video, Camera, DTT, satellite receiver, etc.

For example, with a DVD, we can modulate and introduce the movie that the DVD plays on all televisions that are connected to the home or premises. This allows the same movie to be seen on all televisions at the same time.

A more specific application of the modulator in the home environment would be to watch the channels of a satellite receiver throughout the house. As it is cumbersome to move the receiver around each time you want to watch television in a different room, what you do is modulate it.

Modulation requires connecting the receiver to the modulator and the modulator connecting it to the coaxial cable installation of the house. This makes the receiver signal go to all televisions in the house, displaying the channel throughout the house. You can change rooms and the satellite channel will be available on each television.

The analog modulator has only been used in a domestic environment since for professional use in a hotel, bar or clubs, digital modulators have been mounted. In a bar, the modulator is used to see the same football match on all screens at the same time.

Characteristics of analog modulators:

  • Televisions must have an analog tuner: It is important that when choosing a modulator, the capacity of all televisions in the installation to receive analog channels is taken into account. That is, they can search for channels as they have done all their lives with the typical image of snow in the background. This means that the television has an analog tuner. The vast majority of televisions still have it, but it may be that more modern televisions only have a digital tuner and this can prevent receiving a channel modulated in analog.
  • The price of the analog modulator: Although at present the digital terrestrial DTT television that we receive in our homes with the typical rooftop antenna is digital television and we all already have a television with built-in DTT or an external DTT at home, analogue modulators are still available. found in the market. For one simple reason. Analog modulators are ten times cheaper than digital modulators.
  • The connections: The analog modulator connections will always be RCA or SCART. We cannot connect a device via HDMI cable to an analog tuner.
  • Channel change management: Analog modulators allow the user to choose the channel through which they want to modulate, the channel change can be done through a button contemplating the display, it is the quick and easy way. Or there are other cheaper models that come with a series of switches that when changing their position change the channel to the modulator. Normally they bring a table of correspondence between switch position and modulation channel.


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