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Video Modulators

Modulators are equipment capable of transforming the video signal into an UHF or VHF terrestrial television channel, depending on the modulator that we use.

The signal can come from any video equipment with HDMI or RCA output, such as a satellite receiver, video camera, video recorder, multimedia player, DVD, blu-ray, PC, console, etc.

Once we have the channel, it can be mixed with the rest of the house installation to be able to see it in all the TV outlets. You will be able to see the modulated channel on all televisions at the same time.

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  1. Stereo RF Modulator Daxis ED0905
    SKU: DAXED0905

    €30.69 Tax included
  2. Engel MV7127 Digisender-III Modulator (VHF/UHF)
    SKU: ENGMV7127

    €32.22 Tax included
  3. Terra Dual Sideband VHF/UHF Analog Modulator
    SKU: TEMT47

    €41.38 Tax included
  4. VHF Illusion Modulator, 3 simultaneous channels.

    €45.69 Tax included
  5. UHF Illusion Modulator, 3 simultaneous channels

    €51.00 Tax included
  6. Modulator VHF / UHF with display Ikusi MAW-201
    SKU: IKU3031

    €53.94 Tax included
  7. Modulator VHF / UHF with display Televes 5858
    SKU: TEL5858

    €58.62 Tax included
  8. Digital high-definition modulator MHD001P from Terra

    €183.90 Tax included
  9. 1080p HDMI modulator with COFDM output from Novamax
    SKU: NOV036210

    €193.36 Tax included
  10. DVB-T HDMI Full HD Bluetooth Modulator Engel
    SKU: ENGMV7460

    €196.79 Tax included
  11. HDMI to DVB-T Encoder/Modulator Televes
    SKU: TEL585301

    €211.99 Tax included
  12. Tecatel COFDM Modulator In/Out HDMI, USB, A/V In. RCA

    €230.38 Tax included
  13. Terra MHD002P HDMI Digital Modulator

    €232.30 Tax included
  14. Streamer HDMI - HDMI to IP Converter
    SKU: JOH8210

    €514.55 Tax included
  15. T0X Encoder 4e A/V CVBS - MPEG2/4 + COFDM/QAM QUAD
    SKU: TEL563822

    €1,573.88 Tax included
  16. HD COFDM HDMI modulator (in/out) with Bluetooth + IR

    €196.02 Tax included

17 Items

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Video Modulators