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Satellite receiver HD M7 MZ101 Canaal Digitaal


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Quick Overview

MZ101 satellite receiver for Dutch channels

The M7 MZ-101 receiver is an interactive high-definition receiver with integrated smart card. This means that the smart card can not be removed from the device to use the card in other satellite receivers. You can connect this unit to the satellite signal and to the Internet (optionally).

Through satellite you will receive the television and radio stations that you have hired, and all the free channels. Through the Internet you can access interactive services and you have the EPG. You can also update the receiver through the internet.

By purchasing the M7 MZ-101 receiver for the Digital Channel platform, you can transfer your subscription through My Channeldigitaal from an orange or gray Mediaguard3 card to the integrated smartcard of the MZ-101.


Z101 receiver with digital channel platform for Dutch channels.

What technical characteristics does the MZ101 receiver have?

  • HD image quality, and digital video
  • EPG information, electronic program guide.
  • Integrated Digital Channel Card.
  • Access to interactive services such as movies and series (if connected to the Internet)
  • Activation of parental control (parental control)
  • Timeshift

What other technical characteristics does the MZ101 receiver have?

  • Interactive services
  • For those receivers connected to the internet, at the option of contracting certain services, movies or series that are for a fee. The fee will be charged in the contracted monthly payment.
  • Child lock, Pause infrared extension and live TV
  • The M7 MZ-101 can record programs, to see them later.
  • It is equipped with a lock, which can be adjusted from the age of 1 to 18 years. If you activate the blockade your children do not have access to violent or erotic programs and movies.
  • With the infrared extender supplied you have the possibility of placing the unit in a hidden cabinet from view, while still being able to control it with the remote control.

You can use the supplied remote control for both your HD receiver and your TV for:

  1. Turn on and off your TV
  2. Adjust the volume of your TV
  3. Select the source signal on your TV (use the AV button, the navigation buttons and the OK button)

How do you configure the remote control to use it with your TV?

  1. Find the brand of your TV and the corresponding number in the list
  2. Turn on your TV
  3. Press and hold OK and RED together until the TV button flashes twice
  4. Press and hold the corresponding number (7 for Samsung) until your TV is turned off
  5. Now you can also use your remote control for the TV.

Additional Information
EAN 8717755326058
Manufacturer M7
Tuner Satellite
Definition Full HD 1080p
Video Outputs HDMI, RCA
Power supply 12 Vdc

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