Modular Entrance Panels

Customizable Audio/Video Door Entrance Panels

Modular entrance panels from FERMAX and COMELIT allow the installer to assemble the panel to measure, with infinite combinations to provide a solution to all kinds of needs.

SKYLINE by Fermax

SKYLINE is the most versatile door entry and video entry panel from Fermax, capable of responding to any of the needs that may arise, both for residential, industrial and commercial complexes. They offer integration of multiple systems: information, communication and access control.

SKYLINE is created from the combination of different pieces: frames of different sizes and pushbutton modules, card holders, amplifiers, access control, etc. Total freedom of choice for creating all-in-one plates.

IKALL and ULTRA by Comelit

IKALL is another type of modular door panel, from Comelit, divided into two versions: analog with card holders or digital with electronic directory and sensitive touch keyboard. This range offers a wide variety of color combinations to suit the style of the façade.

ULTRA is the new series of modular panels from Comelit, with a modern and avant-garde design. Manufactured with the best materials, showing their high resistance to atmospheric agents, corrosion, UV rays, dust and impacts; with degrees of protection IP65 and IK08.

ULTRA adapts to the most diverse applications, it has an analog version for small frames, ideal for chalets and small blocks. The touchscreen version, with numeric keypad and digital directory, is ideal for easily moving around complexes of hundreds of apartments. The touch screen is color, 5 inches and pixels equivalent to 4K, with a sliding interface like smartphones, very intuitive. ULTRA allows practically infinite customizations: with insertion of the company logo next to the name and the configuration of a welcome screen. These touch screen panels also include an RFID proximity reader to open the doors without keys.


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  1. Joining Bolts Set Fermax 8829
    SKU: FER8829
    In stock
    €1.48 Tax included
  2. 4+N Connection Cable 3 Wires Fermax
    SKU: FER2540
    In stock
    €3.25 Tax included
  3. Fermax Connect Skyline Module Long Cable
    SKU: FER2546
    In stock
    €3.25 Tax included
  4. Embedding Box for IKALL and POWERCOM 1 Module Panel
    SKU: COM3110/1A
    In stock
    €4.53 Tax included
  5. Embedding Box for IKALL and POWERCOM 2 Modules Panel
    SKU: COM3110/2
    On request
    €4.60 Tax included
  6. DUOX/VDS/BUS2 Connection Cable 6 Wires Fermax
    SKU: FER2541
    In stock
    €4.86 Tax included
  7. Flush Mount Box 3 Modules for Entrance Panels 3110/3A
    SKU: COM3110/3A
    In stock
    €5.99 Tax included
  8. Trim module without push buttons for Fermax Skyline
    SKU: FER7442
    In stock
    €10.33 Tax included
  9. NO button Module. W
    SKU: FER7443
    In stock
    €17.87 Tax included
  10. SKYLINE 1V S1 Frame
    SKU: FER7341
    In stock
    €26.08 Tax included
  11. 1 Module Finishing Frame for Entrance Panel Comelit
    SKU: COM31141
    On request
    €26.47 Tax included
  12. Panoramic Cardholder V Module Skyline
    SKU: FER7444
    In stock
    €26.90 Tax included
  13. Skyline 2V S2 frame
    SKU: FER7332
    In stock
    €29.31 Tax included
  14. Comelit Black Plain Module for IKALL Panel
    SKU: COM3334
    In stock
    €29.63 Tax included
  15. IKALL Comelit Trim Frame 31142
    SKU: COM31142
    On request
    €30.20 Tax included
  16. IKALL Audio and Video Groups Mounting Accessory
    SKU: COM1250IKV
    On request
    €31.17 Tax included
  17. SKYLINE Frame 3V S4 Fermax
    SKU: FER7333
    In stock
    €31.86 Tax included
  18. SKYLINE 4V S5 Fermax Frame
    SKU: FER7334
    In stock
    €32.85 Tax included
  19. Fermax Skyline S6 5V Frame
    SKU: FER7335
    In stock
    €33.93 Tax included
  20. Accesorio Montaje Audio/Vídeo IKALL Monobloque
    SKU: COM1250IV
    In stock
    €35.37 Tax included
  21. Push button module V 101 DUOX / BUS2 / VDS
    SKU: FER7375
    In stock
    €36.09 Tax included
  22. Module 1 Push button V 101 4+N SKYLINE
    SKU: FER7373
    On request
    €37.58 Tax included
  23. 33Vdc Power Supply for IKALL Entrance Panel
    SKU: COM1595
    On request
    €37.82 Tax included
  24. Module 4 Buttons 202 V for BUS2 / VDS / DUOX systems
    SKU: FER7372
    In stock
    €38.44 Tax included
  25. Module 2 Buttons V 201 BUS2 / VDS of Fermax
    SKU: FER7376
    In stock
    €38.94 Tax included
  26. Panoramic Card Holder Module W Skyline
    SKU: FER7445
    In stock
    €39.00 Tax included
  27. Accesory for Mounting IKALL Audio Units on Single-Plate Panel
    SKU: COM1250IA
    On request
    €39.14 Tax included
  28. Skyline S8 7V frame
    SKU: FER7337
    In stock
    €39.49 Tax included
  29. Skyline frame 6V Series 7 by Fermax
    SKU: FER7336
    In stock
    €39.93 Tax included
  30. Skyline S9 8V frame
    SKU: FER7338
    In stock
    €40.98 Tax included
  31. Module 4 Pushbuttons V 202 for SKYLINE plate
    SKU: FER7370
    In stock
    €41.15 Tax included
  32. Comelit Anthracite Gray 1 Module IKALL Frame
    SKU: COM3311/1A
    On request
    €41.72 Tax included
  33. 2 pushbuttons 102 V VDS/BUS2
    SKU: FER7368
    In stock
    €42.00 Tax included
  34. Zero-Button Audio Module for IKALL Panel
    SKU: COM33400
    On request
    €43.91 Tax included
  35. Module 2 Push Buttons 201 V for SKYLINE plates
    SKU: FER7374
    In stock
    €45.17 Tax included
  36. IKALL Trim Frame 3 Modules Comelit 31143
    SKU: COM31143
    On request
    €46.68 Tax included

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